Monday, January 19, 2015

Introducing Landry Leah Munkel!

Here she is...

We recieved her file on 1/8 while at Chik-Fil-A with the boys.....luckily it was Alpharetta Elementary Night.  So while the kids were busy playing and getting tattoos (fake, of course) we were "those" parents sitting at the table with our heads buried in our cell phones reading through pages and pages of her file. We both new instantly that this was our Landry Leah and both had tears in our eyes!  

The Chik-Fil-A manager walked by and was like....
"Are you guys texting each other?"  
We were like, "No, we just found our daughter!!!!"  
(So technically the CFA manager was the first to know, sorry mom and dad!)

On Friday 1/9 we had to be in Peachtree City for adoption training, so it was a whirlwind morning to get her file over to Brett's mom (retired nurse) and our pediatrician for review.  We waited and prayed all weekend!  On Monday morning our pediatrician called us (on her day off) and reviewed the file with me.  Nothing came back alarming and we really didn't have many questions. We already knew she was ours!

On Monday afternoon we worked to get our paperwork back to our social worker so that our Letter of Intent could be sent to China.  It was sent on Tuesday 1/13 afternoon but we weren't able to share until we had PA (pre-approval) back from China.  Confession.....maybe we shared a little...I just couldn't stand it!

We have been busting at the seams since then with this secret so sorry to those of you who I lied to last week!  But ask away because today...

We got PA!!!!

She is about 16 months old right now and is the Province of Guangxi.  We still have a few months before we can actually travel to her and bring her home so please pray that the process works smoothly from here on out and that all paperwork is processed quickly.  Please pray for her that she remains safe and healthy.  Pray for our hearts as they now ache here wanting to be with her right this moment.  Pray for patience.

Also please pray for her birth mother.  Pray that God will put peace in her heart and that she will have a sense of comfort to know now that her child is safe and loved.