Monday, March 23, 2015


As most of you know, we have been going through the adoption process since January of 2014. Although we were matched with Landry in January 2015, we couldn't really confirm anything until we recieved our letter of acceptance from China.

There is always that "what if" thought that lingers through your head....

But today we can tell that thought goodbye because as of today we are  LOA!!!!!

Our Fed Ex guy was a trooper to take a selfie with me this morning!
(please excuse the no makeup & messy hair)

Official Stamp of Approval on our LOA

We immediately reviewed the documents, signed them and I was on my way to our local Fed Ex to overnight the documents back to our SW in Birmingham, AL.  From this point on we are set to travel in about 8-10 weeks.  So by end of May we should be headed to China to get our girl!!!

Last week we were also so excited to get an update from Helen that Landry had recieved part of our care package:

A toy for her, treats for the nannies & a thumb drive that they can
download pics of her for us to have.

We also mailed out a few things from us here but that will take a few more weeks to get to her:

The boys made her a bear & we made her a family photo book!

From this point on it is GO time to get ready!
Go time for more paperwork, visa applications, article 5, shopping lists for our trip, getting the boys settled & taken care of, getting her room ready and time to get packing!

Please pray for a continued smooth process over the next few weeks as we tackle some additional paperwork to get us ready to travel.


xoxo- Kelli