Friday, August 30, 2013

S.T.C. Day #11

Thursday 8/29

Rest Day- Not on purpose but between a busy work day, Brax puking at school & evening event at church there was not anytime to fit in the workout so I declared it a "rest day!"

Food Intake:

Breakfast:  Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder, 2 Eggs over easy & Ezekial Bread

Lunch:  Quinoa, Avacado, Cilantro, Lemon olive oil & tomatoes.  

Snacks:  Plantain Chips & Fage Greek Yogurt w/ Cherry

Dinner:  We had dinner at Pollo Tropical-  Chicken bowl w/ brown rice, black beans, peppers, onions, tomatoes and grilled plantains. I also had some Praline Popcorn at church:) oops...couldn't resist!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

S.T.C. Day #9 & 10

Tuesday 8/27 

4 mile run (new PR!!!!)  Love that I keep improving little by little:)

Food Intake:

Breakfast:  Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder

Post workout:  2 Egg whites with Spinach, turkey sausage & fruit

Lunch/snacks: Plantain chips & hummus, grapes....oh and I did break down and eat some of the sweetarts in my desk:(

Dinner: Quinoa Broccoli patties, 2 bites of my kids cheerios &

*I know that I did not eat enough today....just one of those days!

Wednesday 8/28 

30 Flights of Stairs
3 x 15 Squats (120 lbs)
3 x 15 Leg Press (210 lbs)
3 x 15 Bicep Curls (45 lbs)
3 x 15 Tricep Extensions (45 lbs)
3 x 15 Leg Curls (70 lbs)
50 Pushups
60 Russian Twist (20 lb weight)
100 Bicycles

Food Intake:

Breakfast:  Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder & Think Thin Bar

Lunch: Jason's Deli Salad:  mixed greens, spinach, cucumber, yellow pepper, artichoke, green olives, egg, 3 bean salad & a drizzle of lite ranch. 2 Organic Flatbread crakers with olive spread.

Snacks:  Grapes, Plantain Chips & a couple of bites of Brax's PBJ sammy.

Dinner: Tuna, quinoa, avocado, lemon olive oil, cilantro & siracha & a piece of wheat toast.

See ya!

Monday, August 26, 2013

S.T.C. Day #8

Monday  8/26

Quick Warm-Up:  2 mile bike ride & 25 flights of stairs (running intervals...major balance check)
3 x 15 (60 lbs) Lat Pulls
3 x 14 (60 lbs) Rows
3 x 15 (40 lbs) Chest Press
1 min= 20 Squats (100 lbs)
45 min. Core Pilates Class

Food Intake:

Breakfast:  Oatmeal w/ Almond Butter & Blueberries and Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder

Post workout:  Think Thin Bar

Lunch:  Turkey Sausage, sweet potato, snow peas & hummus

Snacks:  Celery w/ almond butter, pretzels & grapes.

Dinner:  Baked BBQ Chicken, Quinoa Broccoli Patties & Snow Peas

I hit the grocery store today and who do I run into....Jesse, my old personal trainer.  I was cracking myself up at the anxiety I felt as he looked into my cart!  Ha!  Good thing, I was on a "good" shopping trip and getting prepared for the week with tons of veggies & fruit.  

Although my 2 year old was begging for chocolate muffins as we were talking.  I said, "No, Wyatt we don't need those." 
His response, "Yes, we do....just like we have at home."  
Dang....ratted out by my own flesh and blood!  He needs to learn what it means to be on "Team Munkel"

Have a good night!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

S.T.C Day #5-7

A little here you go from the last 3 days:

Friday 8/23

2 mile run (short but another PR)

Food Intake:

Breakfast (Pre-workout):  Protein Shake (Coffee, Vanilla Protein Powder & Flax seed)
(Post workout) Think Thin bar & banana

Lunch- Chicken Salad with lettuce, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles & lite vinaigrette.....and I may of had a half slice of texas toast.....I know, boooooo!

Dinner- Bahama Breeze Ahi tuna stack & house salad w/ lite vinaigrette......and then we got home, put kids to bed and started watching Breaking Bad (love this show) and had I caved and I had some pretzel chips. I guess it could have been worse.

Also here's a funny story or confession....

We have a family tradition of eating out every Friday night.  We usually pick the kids up from school together and decide where to go.  About 90% of the time the kids are begging for Chik-Fil-A and we are trying to convince them otherwise.....not because we don't like CFA (we love it), it's just that I don't really want to eat there all the time.  Also, b/c that is usually my place of choice for "Uh oh, I am late and don't have time to cook" plan (and that happens about once a week)
Anyway, we pick the kids up and stop at home for a bit while making our decision and they are begging to go to CFA, of course.  We can tell that a full blown disaster is about to happen with Brax (4) so Brett calls my cell phone as I hide in the closet and I pretend to be CFA.  I then tell my crying child that "we" are closed.....I know, horrible, right????  I did tell him that he could come back another day when "we" were back open and that seemed to make him feel better. And did I mention I did this in my best country accent?

Parents of the year, I tell ya!  I can't wait to tell them that story one day.

Saturday 8/24

Rest Day (although I did walk a little over 3 miles taking the kiddos to Touch a Truck at Wills Park from our house)

Pop & Wyatt on the trolley....serenading the crowd!

This boy LOVES trucks!

Food Intake:

Breakfast  Iced Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder & Green Smoothie

Lunch/Snacks-  Ezekial Bread w/ lemon olive oil & a tad bit of goat cheese and celery w/ almond butter.

Dinner- Went to Vingenzo's (in Woodstock- YUM) and had a bite of caprese salad & a yummy fig/prosciutto/arugula pizza (ate half)  If you have not been here, you should go........ is delish!

I did splurge on a few glasses of wine and some bites of dessert later at our canvas painting excursion. 

Wow, did it feel good to paint!  I haven't done it in so long.  Thinking about breaking out all my old supplies and setting up camp on our screen porch.  With this fall weather coming up, it would be great to get into it again! 

Here is my masterpiece from last night:


Sunday 8/25

Started our day of with church @ North Point.  I can't say how grateful we are to be involved with such a great church and community of people. The weather was beautiful this morning and felt so cool outside!

Run 4 miles (It was gorgeous out & HOT)  Not such a great time (41:36)....probably all the wine and sugar I had last night had me draggin' today.....Pitbull on Pandora could not seem to rescue me :(

Should pick a cooler time to run! (and man, I have some veiny hands!)

Arm Workout:
3 x 15 (20 lbs each arm) bicep curls
50 Incline Pushups

100 Russian Twists (w/ 20 lb. weight)
100 Bicycles

Food Intake:

Breakfast  Iced Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder & Green Smoothie (way too much kale in this one.....ehhh)

Lunch-  Fig/prosciutto/arugula pizza (leftovers from last night), piece of chicken sausage & kiwi 

Snacks:  Celery w/ Almond Butter

Dinner- I am going to make spaghetti w/ meatballs (sans pasta for me) with green beans & salad.
and that is all!

Waiting on the kiddos to wake from their nap so we can head to the pool:)
Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

S.T.C. Day #4

Thursday 8/22

20 minute swim
1 hour Pilates class

Food Intake:

Breakfast:  Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder over ice and a Green Smoothie- kale, celery, frozen banana & chia seeds (this was made out of guilt from last night)

Lunch: Chik-Fil-A Market Salad with Fat Free Honey Mustard (I only ate about half due to multitasking at the park with Wyatt for lunch)  

Snacks:  Think Thin Bar, celery w/ almond butter, grapes & greek yogurt

Dinner: Lean Meat Burger (sans bun) with avacado, tomato & side of sweet potato with cinnamon.

Have a good night!  

S.T.C. Day #3

Wednesday 8/21

So here is where I say a short workout is better than no workout at all:)

25 Floors on StairMaster
3 x 15 Leg Press (200 lbs)
3 x 15 Leg Press- w/ toes pointing out (200 lbs)
3 x 15 Leg Curls (55 lbs)
3 x 15 Leg Extension (55 lbs)
3 x 10 Hip Abductor (90 lbs)
3 x 10 Hip Inductor (90 lbs)

Food Intake:

Breakfast:  Coffee & Vanilla Protein Powder over Ice, 1 egg over easy, 1 slice Ezekial bread & 1 peach

Lunch:  Brookwood Grill Wood Fired Chicken- it had some sort of mushroom sauce on it that I was not expecting....guess I could of scraped it off, but I didn't:( Ugh! Lesson learned to always ask questions to confirm how your food is prepared. I also had a sweet potato w/ cinnamon & asparagus.

Snack:  Smoothie- Frozen banana, raspberries, water & chocolate protein powder and a cheese stick

Dinner: And here is where the honesty & accountability comes in.......hectic day + no pre-planning = Turkey Jerky, 1/2 peanut butter jelly sandwich, grapes, Pirate's Booty (leftovers from kids) & the dang heavenly goodness bites of Trader Joe's ginger snaps! Not a great meal, to say the least!

 UGH!  Fortunately, that was the last of them.  But I will not beat myself up, tomorrow is a new day.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

S.T.C Day #2

Tuesday 8/20

4 mile run in 37:50- a new PR for me:)  The key is to run away from my house and then no matter what I have to run back....unless I call Brett to pick me up. (hasn't happened yet)

Map My Run App is great!

Food Intake:

Breakfast:  Protein Shake (Coffee & Vanilla Protein Powder) & 1/2 packet plain oatmeal with a bit of banana & almond butter.

Lunch:  3 egg whites, 3 slices turkey bacon, 1 slice plain whole wheat toast & melon

Snack:  Banana, Lite Popcorn & Think Thin Bar (chocolate & creamy peanut butter is my favorite!)

Dinner: Arugula salad with chicken sausage, carrots, tomatoes, goat cheese & lime vinaigrette

I almost broke down at work today when I opened my desk drawer and saw this.....


But I resisted!  So, if anyone from work reads this feel free to go and take them because I am not sure if I can resist the temptation another day.  If you know me, you know my love for candy! I even have people in this world that I call my candy soul-mates!

I am posting this early tonight because I am about to head to small group where there is always yummy food.  Therefore, this post and my mouth is closed for the night- unless there is fruit or veggies....then, I may snack a little. But I will not eat junk, I will not eat junk, I will not eat junk!

Have a good night- 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sgt. Turtle Challenge Day #1

Monday 8/19

100 Flights of stairs on Stairmaster
3x15 Squats (140 lb)
3x15 Bicep Curls (40 lbs)
3x15 Lat Pull Down (70 lbs)
3x15 Chest Press (40 lbs)
3x15 Tricep Ext (40 lbs)
20 minutes on Bike
45 Minutes of Core Pilates Class

Food Intake:

Breakfast (Pre-workout):  Protein Shake (Coffee, Vanilla Protein Powder & Flax seed)

Snack (Post workout) :  Coconut Larabar

Lunch: 1 slice Ezekial Bread toasted with Tuna salad (1 packet tuna, greek yogurt, diced tomatoes & kale), 1 kiwi & 1 low-fat cheese stick

Snack:  clementine, carrots & hummus 

Dinner:  Turkey burger (sans bun for me with shredded carrot & arugula), roasted brussel sprouts & sweet potato

Being that it is the first day so I don't have much to say- I am quite exhausted from the workout this morning and feeling pretty good about my food intake today.
Should get a good nights sleep:)


Sgt. Turtle Challenge

All of these fitness challenges/ specials diets everywhere......So overwhelming!

I have looked into most of them, but still have a very hard time going "cold turkey" on anything.  I'm serious! The minute I'm told not eat something, I have this crazy obsession about it.  Even if I have been eating it in moderation, all of a sudden I have to have it all the time. I know, it's all mental.....but to me as long as I can keep in moderation, I am heading in the right direction. I guess they don't call me Sgt. Turtle for no reason....(inside joke....sorry, only a few might understand this.)

Actually, in honor of slow & steady wins the race, I shall call this the Sgt. Turtle challenge!

I just get so confused of all of the issues out there regarding grains & sugars, what to eat when and where and how to eat them.  I know I can't be the only one out there that feels this way!  I probably should take the time to research to the core of what all of these are but I just don't have "they" all believe that "they" are the way to, who is telling the truth?

Why can't I just figure something out for my own body & mind???

And I am a mom.....a mom of toddlers......a working mom of toddlers....a working mom of toddlers with a husband that travels, so if this is the best that I can do right now then so be it and everyone else can shove it! Again, I know majority of it is mental and this is as much as my half brain can take right now since my kids have somehow taken the other half of my brain and hid it somewhere, probably with the yogurt cup I lost a week ago. Mmmmm, fuzzy yogurt!

Moms of older kids, please tell me you find it again! My brain, that is.'s Crazytown!

So here I go!  For the next 21 days I am going to really push myself to focus on my body, to eat cleaner, workout better/longer & take care of myself.
Only 21 days? (I know some of you are rolling your eyes as you say this) Well the honest truth is that I am going to the beach next month and really would like to have a lil fun and maybe a frozen fruity rum drink here and there. And maybe a morning trip to Charlie's Donut Truck....there, I said it....I'm going to eat a donut next month! Probably with sprinkles.

I will have all of you to hold me accountable, I am going to post it all....the good, the bad (mmmmm Trader Joe's Ginger Snaps) and even the ugly. Let me go ahead and insert my disclaimer now that I am, by no means, a professional nutritionist/workout queen.  This is just meant to inspire you all to do the same for what works for you.

I will be posting on a daily basis to make sure that I keep up with it so please feel free to comment, encourage and most importantly keep me in line. With that being said, if you see me in public consuming something that is not so "clean", please call me out on it....seriously, grab it out of my hand and lick it to claim it because I don't need it.
I promise I will still be your friend!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Fun

Today is the first day of school!  And although tears were shed, I am truly excited for Braxton to start this new journey of his life.  I am also looking forward to have a lil' extra one on one time with my Wyatt for the next few years before he starts school full time.  He is already missing his brother and by 9 am had already asked 3 times if we could go and pick him up.

We had a fantastic summer! The boys are at such a great very curious & so very funny. So much fun was had and so many memories made!

Just thought I would share some of them with you......

Our long daylight evenings filled with walks in our neighborhood and throwing rocks in the creek.

Backyard fun, critter hunting & picnics!

We had a few beach trips this summer (with still one more to go!)

This summer they became best friends!

My Wy
Fun with Aunts & Cousins at Rosemary Beach

Fun with the the Kelly Family at Seagrove Beack

Lots of sweet treats!

Sno Cones at Rosemary Beach

Donut Truck at Alys Beach

Daily popsicles on the porch

Ice Cream Man! (love it how when I tell them to make a silly face they do the same exact thing!)

Fro-yo at Seacrest Beach

We celebrated July 4th in the rain!

Snap Pops in the garage

Sparklers in the rain

Wills Park Fireworks Show

Fireworks in the rain made some really cool pictures!

Brett and I celebrated our 9th anniversary at Rosemary Beach!

@ La Crema (tapas & chocolate)

And Braxton said goodbye to some fantastic teachers at Goddard! Don't worry....they still get Wyatt!

Ms. Hannah & Ms. Lacey

 Seriously, what a great summer, followed up with a great start to the new school year!

Today was awesome!  The excitement in his eyes was the best!  I went in his room at 6 to wake him up b/c normally he is a late sleeper.  Well to my surprise, he sat right up with I opened the door and said, "Is it time?"  He was ready.  When the car door opened he said, "My name is Braxton, my teacher is Ms. Ludwig and I am in Pre-K!" (something we had been practicing all weekend in the event that he would get lost)
The car door closed and off he went.....backpack and all.

I have to admit that my heart was a bit heavy this morning with a bit of anxiety for Brax.  I am sure all parents are feeling this for their kids this morning.  My immediate worry is that, "What if kids don't accept him?"
It's hard enough being a kid but being a kid that's a bit different makes it even harder.  I start to panic- What if kids make fun of his ankle braces???  What if he falls???  What if he can't carry his tray to the lunch table??? I talk myself out of not getting in my car to go and get him.

Worry is an awful thing that will tear you up inside.  I have to calmly say to myself to TRUST because after all, the best way to worry about nothing is to entrust God with everything!

And I am sure there will be a day that one of my "worries" will take place.  And that is what I ask of you to pray for have the knowledge and words to comfort my child so that he can rise above and always remember....

That he is special.
That he is strong.
That he is a miracle.
That he has purpose.
That he was created in God's image and that in itself is enough.
And that he forever remembers to remain confident in the special guy that God made him to be.