Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Fun

Today is the first day of school!  And although tears were shed, I am truly excited for Braxton to start this new journey of his life.  I am also looking forward to have a lil' extra one on one time with my Wyatt for the next few years before he starts school full time.  He is already missing his brother and by 9 am had already asked 3 times if we could go and pick him up.

We had a fantastic summer! The boys are at such a great very curious & so very funny. So much fun was had and so many memories made!

Just thought I would share some of them with you......

Our long daylight evenings filled with walks in our neighborhood and throwing rocks in the creek.

Backyard fun, critter hunting & picnics!

We had a few beach trips this summer (with still one more to go!)

This summer they became best friends!

My Wy
Fun with Aunts & Cousins at Rosemary Beach

Fun with the the Kelly Family at Seagrove Beack

Lots of sweet treats!

Sno Cones at Rosemary Beach

Donut Truck at Alys Beach

Daily popsicles on the porch

Ice Cream Man! (love it how when I tell them to make a silly face they do the same exact thing!)

Fro-yo at Seacrest Beach

We celebrated July 4th in the rain!

Snap Pops in the garage

Sparklers in the rain

Wills Park Fireworks Show

Fireworks in the rain made some really cool pictures!

Brett and I celebrated our 9th anniversary at Rosemary Beach!

@ La Crema (tapas & chocolate)

And Braxton said goodbye to some fantastic teachers at Goddard! Don't worry....they still get Wyatt!

Ms. Hannah & Ms. Lacey

 Seriously, what a great summer, followed up with a great start to the new school year!

Today was awesome!  The excitement in his eyes was the best!  I went in his room at 6 to wake him up b/c normally he is a late sleeper.  Well to my surprise, he sat right up with I opened the door and said, "Is it time?"  He was ready.  When the car door opened he said, "My name is Braxton, my teacher is Ms. Ludwig and I am in Pre-K!" (something we had been practicing all weekend in the event that he would get lost)
The car door closed and off he went.....backpack and all.

I have to admit that my heart was a bit heavy this morning with a bit of anxiety for Brax.  I am sure all parents are feeling this for their kids this morning.  My immediate worry is that, "What if kids don't accept him?"
It's hard enough being a kid but being a kid that's a bit different makes it even harder.  I start to panic- What if kids make fun of his ankle braces???  What if he falls???  What if he can't carry his tray to the lunch table??? I talk myself out of not getting in my car to go and get him.

Worry is an awful thing that will tear you up inside.  I have to calmly say to myself to TRUST because after all, the best way to worry about nothing is to entrust God with everything!

And I am sure there will be a day that one of my "worries" will take place.  And that is what I ask of you to pray for have the knowledge and words to comfort my child so that he can rise above and always remember....

That he is special.
That he is strong.
That he is a miracle.
That he has purpose.
That he was created in God's image and that in itself is enough.
And that he forever remembers to remain confident in the special guy that God made him to be.

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