Monday, August 19, 2013

Sgt. Turtle Challenge Day #1

Monday 8/19

100 Flights of stairs on Stairmaster
3x15 Squats (140 lb)
3x15 Bicep Curls (40 lbs)
3x15 Lat Pull Down (70 lbs)
3x15 Chest Press (40 lbs)
3x15 Tricep Ext (40 lbs)
20 minutes on Bike
45 Minutes of Core Pilates Class

Food Intake:

Breakfast (Pre-workout):  Protein Shake (Coffee, Vanilla Protein Powder & Flax seed)

Snack (Post workout) :  Coconut Larabar

Lunch: 1 slice Ezekial Bread toasted with Tuna salad (1 packet tuna, greek yogurt, diced tomatoes & kale), 1 kiwi & 1 low-fat cheese stick

Snack:  clementine, carrots & hummus 

Dinner:  Turkey burger (sans bun for me with shredded carrot & arugula), roasted brussel sprouts & sweet potato

Being that it is the first day so I don't have much to say- I am quite exhausted from the workout this morning and feeling pretty good about my food intake today.
Should get a good nights sleep:)


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