Thursday, August 22, 2013

S.T.C. Day #3

Wednesday 8/21

So here is where I say a short workout is better than no workout at all:)

25 Floors on StairMaster
3 x 15 Leg Press (200 lbs)
3 x 15 Leg Press- w/ toes pointing out (200 lbs)
3 x 15 Leg Curls (55 lbs)
3 x 15 Leg Extension (55 lbs)
3 x 10 Hip Abductor (90 lbs)
3 x 10 Hip Inductor (90 lbs)

Food Intake:

Breakfast:  Coffee & Vanilla Protein Powder over Ice, 1 egg over easy, 1 slice Ezekial bread & 1 peach

Lunch:  Brookwood Grill Wood Fired Chicken- it had some sort of mushroom sauce on it that I was not expecting....guess I could of scraped it off, but I didn't:( Ugh! Lesson learned to always ask questions to confirm how your food is prepared. I also had a sweet potato w/ cinnamon & asparagus.

Snack:  Smoothie- Frozen banana, raspberries, water & chocolate protein powder and a cheese stick

Dinner: And here is where the honesty & accountability comes in.......hectic day + no pre-planning = Turkey Jerky, 1/2 peanut butter jelly sandwich, grapes, Pirate's Booty (leftovers from kids) & the dang heavenly goodness bites of Trader Joe's ginger snaps! Not a great meal, to say the least!

 UGH!  Fortunately, that was the last of them.  But I will not beat myself up, tomorrow is a new day.


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