Monday, May 25, 2015

Safe in our arms.....

Our Gotcha day started with a super yummy breakfast (previous post).  We then came back to the room and started to prepare.  We reviewed paperwork, packed a diaper bag & showered off this crazy humidity!  We then met our guide, David, and the other famlies downstairs to go over the official paperwork.

Mommies fill out paperwork....I am guessing because we have better handwriting:)

Signing our names and then had to stamp our fingerprint on each signature.

Even Wicket made an appearance to help wth some paperwork!

We then went shopping together at a local market called, Ren Ren Le- it means The Happy Place!  We needed to get some supplies for our hotel room- baby food, water, snacks, etc.

Amy, David & Brett

This store was quite interesting and had everything you could ever need!
 (photo bomb creds to Ryan Abell)

This was their "sweets" section!  Luckily nothing was in English or I might have been in big trouble:)

David convinced us to get a bag of these- Cucumber Flavored Lays.  
Surprisingly, they are very tasty!

We then came back from the store and there was this little surprise waiting for us in our room!

A crib in our room- this is getting so real!

We had a few moments to get our loot settled and then headed back out for some lunch before we went to get our kiddos.  David is amazing and took us to a great Dim Sum restaurant.  He ordered everything for us and it was so yummy!  And so cheap, it was only about $6 per person and we were so full!

it is Chinese tradition to use your first cup of hot tea to cleanse your bowl, spoon and chopsticks. So when in China...

Chinese spring roll with red rice paper

Our spread....until more came!  Again, oh so yummy!!!

And then 2:30 rolled around and it was time to go.  We all hopped on the van and headed to get our babies. It was only about a 10 minute drive.

Bus ride to get our girl!!!  Look at that excitement on his face!
(photo bomb creds to Amy Abell)

To be quite honest, there was a bit of confusion when we first walked in.  I think the combination of nerves and excitement got the best of us.  You see our friends, The Abell Family, are adopting from the same orphanage. They had the babies in a front room but would not allow us to go in. So when we walked in and peeked through the doorway we saw a little girl running around playing with the Abells son and immediatley thought that had to be her.  But I was confused......she was running?  Our last update said that she could only walk with assistance.  She had long hair?  The last picture they sent to us had her head shaved.  She looked chubbier and no birthmark.  I was confused and while Brett was video taping her, I kept saying that she looked different and he agreed.  Well turns out, it wasn't her!  
AHHHHH- I felt so silly. 
Then Amy said, oh look there is another girl back there and she looks familiar, where do I know her from.  I peeped my head in the doorway and in the back corner, there she was.  THAT was my girl!!

My first glimpse of Landry!

And her first glimpse of us!

We then had to go in a room in the back where an official checked our passports and explained what they call, the Harmonious Period.  Basically they give us 24 hours to spend with her prior to signing any more documentation.

She was not so sure.....

It was heartbreaking to watch as she got upset and you could tell she was in shock.

But then we broke out the suckers and all was right with the world:)  
Amy & her cutie son, Tyson.

We came back to the room and I fed her a bottle.  She was not so sure about Brett.  We thought it might of been his beard so while she napped, he shaved.  Farewell, Vacation Brett!

Turns out that was a great idea because now she thinks he is quite funny, as most people do!

We woke from naps, ate some dinner and played.  She really perked up and her personality came out! We skyped with Pop (Brett's dad) and the boys and then Facetime with JuJu (my mom).  She was so interested in was very cute!  We were able to give her a bath, have another bottle and back to bed she went.......after I sat on the edge of the bed and rocked her for about 45 mins. (I'll call that 45 Minute Abs)  She stares at me so deep and I just love that she is already connecting with us.  She is still not so sure about Brett holding her but he can certainly play with her and make her laugh.

The feelings I have had today have been all over the board.....excitement, happiness, gitty and there have definitely been moments of fear and anxiety to be honest.  I hope to one day be able to articulate all that has been felt with pure honesty.  This is such an amazing experience and we are so fortunate to have her as our daughter.  God knew when she was formed that she would be ours! 

"Expect great things from God.  Attempt great things for God."- John Baillie

She is sound asleep now.  Brett and I both woke up about 30 mins ago and are now wide awake!
Tomorrow we will head back to the Civil Affairs office to finish our paperwork:)  Hopefully I can fall back asleep for a bit more until it is time to wake up.

xo- Kelli

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