Thursday, May 21, 2015

Here we GO!!!!!

Well, we just got to the airport and are having a little bit of breakfast before we board our first flight to Seattle. Then we are Hong Kong bound!  We will spend a few nights there and then fly to Guangxi Province Sunday night and then pick up our girl on Monday:)

Landry Leah, you are loved and spoken for.  You have a mommy, a daddy and 2 awesome big brothers.  You are surrounded by love.

We are so feeling the love from all of you and are overcome with the thoughtful prayers that have come our way this past 24 hours......the calls, texts and FB posts have been amazing!  I have been super anxious these past few days and a tad bit emotional but this morning I woke up ready with peace on my heart.

This has been an amazing journey and I just can't believe the time has come to grow our family.  This journey has been a true testement to God's grace and his mighty power.  We all have things that stir in our heart and they may be big scary things.  But, when we choose to be obedient to Him, there is nothing greater than the freedom that fills our hearts.  I am seriously in awe of how this has come together over the past 18 months and then people that have walked in to our lives. 

So don't bury what's Him.....grow in His name.  Be the change!  Be different!  Be love!

So stay tuned - this is going to be an AMAZING 2 weeks!  I am sure there will be very big ups and very big downs but all in God's plan.

Thank you all for being so supportive!  It really takes a village and we are so grateful for the gifts of you in our lives.

Kelli & Brett

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