Saturday, May 23, 2015

One more sleep!

One more sleep until we meet our precious daughter.
One more sleep until we become the Munkel family of five.
One more sleep until there is one less orphan.

Y'all the emotions that I am feeling right now are crazy.......I am just so excited to see her and my eyes fill with tears when I think about that moment.  That moment when we first lay our eyes on her.  That moment that she is safe in our arms.  That moment when she is loved and spoken for.  All in His plan.


We are sitting at the Hong Kong airport right now getting ready to board our flight to Nanning, Guangxi.  Side note......Our plane just got struck by right in front of our eyes.  Luckily we had not boarded yet but it delayed our arrival by about 3 hours. But we are here.  Safe.

Hong Kong has been great!  We made the best of it with the pouring rain one day and then million percent humidity on Sunday.  Here are some highights from our trip.....

Lobby of our hotel- had the most beautiful flower arrangements I had ever seen.

Touring Hong Kong in the pouring rain.......we rode a double decker hop off/ hop on bus.  The top deck of the bus was flooding with water and we kept having to pick up our feet to miss the wave!

Our veiw from Victoria's peak.......I am sure that with better weather it would have been amazing!

Lanterns in Man Mo Temple- the oldest building in Hong Kong

Incense burning in Man Mo Temple

My favorite shot of our HK adventures- we were venturing down market alley and came across this guys.....literally five minutes later we passed him again and he was up and working.

Delicious Egg Tarts from Honolulu Cafe

And yummy pineapple bread from Honolulu Cafe

The 7 eleven had every flavor of milk you could of imagined.

Delicious Spicy Beef......and man, do they mean SPICY!!!

NOT so delicious steamed bacon and fermented cabbage....I am still not sure as to WHY Brett thought this would be a good idea but will make sure to monitor his ordering in the future:)

See.....1 million percent hair was straight when we left the hotel!

On Sunday morning we ventured to Kowloon to have breakfast here at the Australian Dairy Co.  We had read a ton about it and supposedly it was a place to not miss.

  The line to get in was crazy but moved pretty fast because one thing we have learned in China is that if you are a party of 2, you will most likely be seated with another party of 2!  

So here we are in our sweaty goodness eating with our new friends, who pretty much ignored us.  I swear this place is like the Asian Varsity.....lots of yelling, rushing ad hovering so you eat and get the heck out!

They are famous for their scrambled eggs......I have to admit, they were pretty darn good!

And then this came.....still not really sure why.  Macaroni noodles, chicken broth and ham.....hmmmmm so weird.

We strolled throught the markets.

Saw some interesting art.

Bamboo scalfolding

The big city!

We finished up Hong Kong meeting up with our new friends, the Abell Family.  Amy and I met through our agencies FB page and quickly figured out that our kiddos are in the same orphanage.  Turns out, our paperwork processed at the same time so we are traveling together!  They are pros as this is their second adoption so I am looking forward to spending time with them and having her fill my cup of questions.

We just arrived at our hotel and are hoping to catch some zzzz's if we can get the excitement of tomorrow out of our heads.  We are meeting our guide, David, in the morning to prepare for Landry's arrival.  2:30 is our appointment time to get her!  So please pray for the Munkels tonight!  Hopefully when y'all wake up tomorrow she will be in our arms.


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