Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's like Christmas!!!

It's about 8 am here local time.  We were up at 6 as we just could not sleep late....too excited!  We threw some clothes on and headed down to grab some breakfast. We ran into another couple from Georgia that are adopting as fun to have all of these new friends!

Also, I just figured, ehhh, we're at a that will mean "hotel breakfast."  Well, this was anything but your regular hotel breakfast:

A huge spread of sweets with fresh honeycomb!

Steamed Buns- yummy!!

Salad, fried rice, noodles, omelette stations, fried chicken feet (which Brett tried...blehhh...almost made him sit at another table), stir fried veggies, and more......

Cereal bar with "Frosties" & "CoCo puffs"

Awesome fresh fruit bar with fresh juices

Honeycomb with the letter M on it....they must have known that the Munkels are here!  So weird because the first pic I took of it did not have an M in it.

Donuts....not quite like American donuts but pretty good!

Brett's plate- he tends to be more adventurous with his selections (check out the 2 orange/green things....presereved eggs....blehhhh)  Where as I think it is fun to taste things that we have in America to see the difference.

Well we are counting down the hours until we see our sweet girl.  Our guide David last night was very informative about the area and has seen our children many times. He is the one that gets all of the updates, pictures, videos, etc. for us.  Two things that stuck out from our conversation last night is that this Province is very big in Sugar Cane.  For anyone that knows me, knows that I have the biggest sweet tooth ever......I think I could live on gummy bears, sweet tarts, popsicles & fruit. 

Coinsidence.......I think not.

Also, Beihai City where Landry's orphange is located, is a coastal town.  David told us that the orphanage takes the children outside the gates quite often to enjoy this city.  This is very rare as most children really do not leave the property....some have never even seen grass.  He said that Landry has actually been to the beach many times!  Again, for anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE the beach.

Coinsidence again.....I think not.

Come on 2:30!  This mama is ready for my SWEET little BEACH girl!!!!


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