Sunday, August 25, 2013

S.T.C Day #5-7

A little here you go from the last 3 days:

Friday 8/23

2 mile run (short but another PR)

Food Intake:

Breakfast (Pre-workout):  Protein Shake (Coffee, Vanilla Protein Powder & Flax seed)
(Post workout) Think Thin bar & banana

Lunch- Chicken Salad with lettuce, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles & lite vinaigrette.....and I may of had a half slice of texas toast.....I know, boooooo!

Dinner- Bahama Breeze Ahi tuna stack & house salad w/ lite vinaigrette......and then we got home, put kids to bed and started watching Breaking Bad (love this show) and had I caved and I had some pretzel chips. I guess it could have been worse.

Also here's a funny story or confession....

We have a family tradition of eating out every Friday night.  We usually pick the kids up from school together and decide where to go.  About 90% of the time the kids are begging for Chik-Fil-A and we are trying to convince them otherwise.....not because we don't like CFA (we love it), it's just that I don't really want to eat there all the time.  Also, b/c that is usually my place of choice for "Uh oh, I am late and don't have time to cook" plan (and that happens about once a week)
Anyway, we pick the kids up and stop at home for a bit while making our decision and they are begging to go to CFA, of course.  We can tell that a full blown disaster is about to happen with Brax (4) so Brett calls my cell phone as I hide in the closet and I pretend to be CFA.  I then tell my crying child that "we" are closed.....I know, horrible, right????  I did tell him that he could come back another day when "we" were back open and that seemed to make him feel better. And did I mention I did this in my best country accent?

Parents of the year, I tell ya!  I can't wait to tell them that story one day.

Saturday 8/24

Rest Day (although I did walk a little over 3 miles taking the kiddos to Touch a Truck at Wills Park from our house)

Pop & Wyatt on the trolley....serenading the crowd!

This boy LOVES trucks!

Food Intake:

Breakfast  Iced Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder & Green Smoothie

Lunch/Snacks-  Ezekial Bread w/ lemon olive oil & a tad bit of goat cheese and celery w/ almond butter.

Dinner- Went to Vingenzo's (in Woodstock- YUM) and had a bite of caprese salad & a yummy fig/prosciutto/arugula pizza (ate half)  If you have not been here, you should go........ is delish!

I did splurge on a few glasses of wine and some bites of dessert later at our canvas painting excursion. 

Wow, did it feel good to paint!  I haven't done it in so long.  Thinking about breaking out all my old supplies and setting up camp on our screen porch.  With this fall weather coming up, it would be great to get into it again! 

Here is my masterpiece from last night:


Sunday 8/25

Started our day of with church @ North Point.  I can't say how grateful we are to be involved with such a great church and community of people. The weather was beautiful this morning and felt so cool outside!

Run 4 miles (It was gorgeous out & HOT)  Not such a great time (41:36)....probably all the wine and sugar I had last night had me draggin' today.....Pitbull on Pandora could not seem to rescue me :(

Should pick a cooler time to run! (and man, I have some veiny hands!)

Arm Workout:
3 x 15 (20 lbs each arm) bicep curls
50 Incline Pushups

100 Russian Twists (w/ 20 lb. weight)
100 Bicycles

Food Intake:

Breakfast  Iced Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder & Green Smoothie (way too much kale in this one.....ehhh)

Lunch-  Fig/prosciutto/arugula pizza (leftovers from last night), piece of chicken sausage & kiwi 

Snacks:  Celery w/ Almond Butter

Dinner- I am going to make spaghetti w/ meatballs (sans pasta for me) with green beans & salad.
and that is all!

Waiting on the kiddos to wake from their nap so we can head to the pool:)
Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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