Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rufus & Me

Almost 9 years ago to the day, our first baby was born.  The 4-legged kind with more fur than you could ask for and a whopping 40 lbs when we took him home at 8 weeks old!

And with much sadness, today we said goodbye to our sweet Rufus.

He was diagnosed with bone cancer about 7 months ago and took a turn for the worse this week. He was really suffering the past few days so we made the decision to go ahead and say goodbye today.

If you have seen the movie Marley & Me, you would fully understand our life with Rufus. I swear that movie is really about us.

He was the dog that was too lazy to take a long walk and the moment he saw fit would take off running home to be lazily sitting on the front step as if to ask "What took you guys so long?"

He was the dog that constantly stole food.....freshly baked pecan pies (yes plural), an entire turkey carcass at Thanksgiving, a cylinder vase full of m&m's (vase and all), and roasted potatoes right hot out the oven to name a few.

He was the dog that ruined my old Ford Explorer by eating a dozen fresh eggs and attempting to drink a gallon of milk in the back seat while we were in Home Depot. And perhaps it time to confess this and send an apology letter to the dealership that we traded that car in for not disclosing this information and covering up the smell with Febreeze as we drove it in the lot.

He was the dog that caused us put a lock on our pantry so that he would stop breaking in and eating all of the food.....wrappers and all.

He was the dog that jetted in the gate of The King and Prince pool in St. Simon's Island, not only to run from us but periodically stop to shake the water off of him and give all of the sun bathers a luxurious shower.  We were lucky to escape that situation alive!

He was the dog that constantly flipped garbage cans.

He was the dog that could have strands of drool a two feet long.

He was the dog that stole peanut butter sandwiches right out of my kids hands.

He was the dog that caused me to have slight anxiety every time I walked in the door, anxious to see what mischief was had in our absence.

He was the dog that always knew I was was pregnant before I did and would give me a sign by constantly staring at me with such intensity as if we were in a World Winning Competition.

He was the dog that wouldn't leave my side for months after Avery & Grace died and after my miscarriage.

He was the dog that welcomed Braxton and Wyatt into the world with open paws.

He was a gentle giant.

He was our Rufus.

He will be missed.

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  1. I'm so are y'all and the kids? Kathryne will be really sad.

    1. We are ok. Kids are good. We told them that he was going to die today and be with Jesus and God in heaven. Brax asked if Jesus and God would give him back after they fixed him....broke my heart.
      He also already asked if we could get a new dog....or a cat!

  2. Sorry to hear about Rufus!! I had to put down one of our first babies (15 yrs old) about 2 weeks ago and I cried like a baby in the vet parking lot afterwards. A tough thing to do but they're in a much better place now:). Hope to see you guys soon!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your precious Rufus! He and our Chester must be kindred spirits, particularly in their ability to steal food (a whole rotisserie chicken, a dozen Southside cinnamon rolls). And we too never "baby proofed" our house. We "Chester-proofed!" My heart is hurting for you today, but now he gets to love on your precious babies in heaven.

  4. :-( oh, I totally second what Alise said about Rufus loving on your precious babies in heaven. That really makes me tearfully happy to think about...he will certainly be missed. Hugs to all of you.