Monday, May 13, 2013

when WE became THREE

Four years ago on May 12th, we became 3......

It is not big secret to anyone that having a child is a "life changing experience".  But for me this was multiplied by a million.  This was something we had waited for.....something that we had been trying for so long......something that had already been taken from us multiple times.  So when Braxton was born on May 12th, 2009 we were over the moon, to say the least!  What a great moment to receive such a wonderful gift from God.  And no matter what issues followed the past 4 years, he is perfect in our eyes.

Our pastor, Andy Stanley, once taught on a series of Five Faith Catalysts and talked about pivotal circumstances in life.... that unexpected moment that comes your way and you decide to take it as a divine opportunity.   You see, the ironic part about this moment is that going into delivering Brax I knew that all was going to be "ok", but in an arrogant way. And to be completely honest, I thought that because of what I had been through the prior year, that it was owed to me to have a "perfect delivery" and "perfect child." Oh, how silly was I to think this way!  Little did I know that these few months following Braxton's birth were my pivotal circumstance.....My unexpected moment in life that I chose to walk forward....that I chose to trust.........that I chose to let go of control......that I chose to follow. It was that simple.

Those months were filled with many "scary" words that I never want to encounter again....... MRI, spine problem, spina bifida, blood transfusion, Lipomyelomeningocele, spinal lipoma, surgery, anesthesia, neuro-surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, infections, plastic surgery, butt flap lift (yes, he has had one), NICU, ambulance, tethered cord, wound care,  nerve damage, drainage tubes, physical therapy, casts, wound packing, urodynamics test, ultrasound, antibiotics, urologists, rehab, AFO's, rhino cruiser hip brace, hip dysplasia, neurologists, etc.
But he made it, we made it!

And again......
He beat the diagnosis.  
He beat the Google searches. 
He beat the text books.  
He beat the odds. 

Our life was a world-wind blur from May to August of 2009 and Brett and I still look back on those months and think "How did we get through that?"  Grant it, there were many moments of tears, anger and despair but through it all an overwhelming feeling of peace never left me.  It is very hard to was like a "physical peace" was as if Jesus was standing beside me the entire time, gently placing His hand on my shoulder just to let me know that He was there. And that is all that I needed.

So on Saturday we celebrated his 4th birthday and fitting enough we celebrated with a Super Hero theme. And every year I think, "Ok, we have got to slim this party down next year" but I have a hard time NOT wanting to celebrate so big because of what he went through.  And although he has no idea of what he endured at such a young age, I can't wait until the day that we get to tell him his story and how he is our FAVORITE SUPER HERO!

I can't thank our family and friends enough for all of the support that you have given our lil super hero over the past years! (you all know who you are)

His doctors that believed in him and that believed us when we would say that he would beat this. Especially Dr. Robert Bruce for hearing us when we said "no" to hip surgery and gave us time to heal his hip in prayer.  And agreeing with us when we say that he is a miracle and for calling his smaller hip, "perfectly perfect."

His physical therapists, Cindy Stocklin & Kim Izzo. Two amazing women who "battled" this strong willed child and taught him to hit all physical development milestones with minimum delay!

And most importantly God, for giving him to us....for trusting him to us.....for showing us this miracle because we needed to see it oh so very much!


  1. I remember being in Braxton's hospital room when the nurse came in with the butt flap! She said it was like the flaps behind 18 wheeler tires! Hey- whatever it took to keep poopoo away from his incision! Brax has taught me a lot about perserverence! He is one tough little kid!

    1. Ha! Poop and incisions do not mix well!!!