Monday, June 15, 2015

Our Adventure Home!

I have heard from a few of you that I really need to post an update since we've been home.....sorry to keep you all waiting, hahaha!

Our trip home was fairly uneventful. We took a train to Hong Kong on Wednesday afternoon.

It was about a 2 hour train ride and Landry was not to pleased to be on it.  I think I have said before that this girl fights to sleep....I mean full out sweat, fights!  She will push off of you screaming and then collapse in your arms for a minute and then just when you think she is asleep she will start screaming again.  This can go on for about an hour and it looked like that is exactly what would happen on this train ride. And it's not like I could go anywhere....We.Are.On.A.Train.  So we consoled her the best we could in our seat and tried to offer her every treat/snack/toy you could imagine but she would have nothing to do with it.  She was screaming and sweating and screaming. And then she puked.  Yep.  All down my arm. Yuck.  And then she collapsed into a deep sleep.....thank you Jesus!  Once we arrived in Hong Kong we had to go through customs and then catch a cab to our hotel.  We were swarmed outside by all sorts of people bargaining to take us to our hotel.  It was crazy.  We found the actual taxi stand, waited in line and finally got in a cab.  We got to our hotel about 9 pm that night.  I immediately put her to bed and Brett ventured out to find us some dinner since neither of us had anything to eat since before we left Guangzhou.  We ended up having dinner sitting on our hotel floor in front of a cracked bathroom door with a sliver of light coming through because neither one of us wanted to take a chance in waking her up.

We woke early the next morning and got on a shuttle to the airport. We arrived with plenty of time to grab some breakfast and pick up some last minute things for the boys.  We boarded the plane and quickly realized that we were on the plane with 4 other families we had met throughout our stay.  It was great to see familiar faces and all be on the same journey home with our kiddos!  The flight to Seattle was long but overall went fairly well.

It was funny because I swear one of our kiddos was crying at some point the entire flight.  Keeping Landry busy was hard but we managed.  Lots of snacking, walking and playing.  Luckily we had a sweet Chinese family behind us and Landry loved to stand on us so that she could see their baby.

 It was sweet to see them interacting and pass toys back and forth. For the 12 hour flight, I think she slept 2 hours so when we hit Seattle, I was exhausted!  We got off the plane, went through customs and then had to drop off her paperwork packet so that she can be a US Citizen.  That line took a bit longer than I liked but again, I was exhausted so my tolerance level was a bit low.
Our flight from Seattle to Atlanta was great.  Landry actually fell asleep right before we boarded and slept until about 15 minutes before we landed.  She did wake a few times in the flight but would only scream for about 5 minutes and then go right back to sleep.  I on the other hand was a mess.....I could not fall asleep that flight because I was holding her and was a bit afraid that when I went to sleep it would be a deep one and I would accidentally drop her.  So I just sort of dozed off here and there. We got off the plane and made way to baggage claim, where I could not wait to see my Braxton & Wyatt!

In the Atlanta airport you come up the escalator to baggage claim and as we rode that last leg of our trip my eyes began to well up with tears.  Tears to see my boys.  Tears to see our family and friends.  Tears that we had made it.  Tears that she was home.  Tears that we were home.  And tears to have our family whole again!

Here is a video clip of our arrival. The 43 sec mark is my favorite!  I just LOVE how Braxton and Wyatt are behind me hugging!  So darn cute!!!

Here are a few pics of our arrival!

My talented photographer friend, Channah, was also there and I can't wait to share those pics with you:)

Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers as we are home!!!


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