Thursday, February 6, 2014

Country Selected

Last week we submitted a formal application with
 an agency to adopt a little girl from China. 
 Today we received what I am going to call our "acceptance" email along with 
the 130+ page China Adoption, let the paper work begin!

I am very happy with our decision and how thorough we have been thus far in the process to make this decision.  We have carefully looked at this in all aspects of adoption and have researched each country and their processes in addition to travel times.  We felt that this was the best country for our family.

I can't help but think about our girl....Has she already been born?  What does she look like?  Could she even imagine how excited we are to meet her?  Does she know that we are praying for her? My stomach fills with butterflies just thinking about this journey and how God will bring her to us.

There is also sadness when I think of her.  Sadness for her birth mother.  Sadness that "she" could be making a gut wrenching decision at this very moment.  A decision that on one hand I can't fathom ever having to make and then on the other hand, a decision I will be forever grateful for.

Although adoption is a beautiful thing, it comes out of a very dark place.
A very tragic moment.
A moment filled with desperation & sadness.

So today I am asking you to pray for her.  Pray for peace in her heart. Pray that she feels God as she makes her decision and that He shows her that we will take care of her little girl and love her will all our hearts.



  1. Can't wait to watch her grow up in the awesome family you are. :)

  2. Kelli - your words made me cry. From heart break for one family comes great joy for another...........we reconnected with my Daughter's Birth Family this past Summer. It was so emotional for all of us - but we all felt the adoption circle competed. We remain friends and hope to visit again this Summer. My precious Daughter put it this way: "the missing puzzle piece of my life is found -- now I feel complete". Adoption is an amazing journey. I'm praying for y'all - if you ever want/need to talk - I'm happy to share. J.

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I would love to meet up one day and hear your story and absorb all of the advice you could give me:) Let me know when you can do lunch! Kelli

  3. So happy for and so proud of you and Brett for making this decision and following where you feel God is leading you. We can't wait to meet our newest grandbaby! Prayers are being sent to Alpharetta and to China!