Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back in Action!

Saturday 9/7


2 Mile Run on the dread-mill

Body Sculpting Class (1 hour) with my hubby......He had no idea what he was in for:)

Food Intake

Breakfast:  Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder, Banana Bread Lara bar & Banana

Post Workout: 2 Eggs over easy on Ezekiel Bread w/ avocado & peaches

Snacks:  Plantains, hummus, grapes & cheese

Dinner:  We went to a birthday party and I had some snacks (veggies & mini meat pie) but I resisted the sweets table!!!  Kudos to me:) So when we got home to feed the "sweets" crave, I made myself a Chocolate Cherry Shake (skim milk, fresh cherries, kale & choc. protein powder)

*I also had a glass of wine tonight- first one in a while!

Sunday 9/8

Rest Day: a peaceful day of church in the morning and a fun afternoon with my boys:)

Food Intake

Breakfast: Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder & Steel Cut Oatmeal w/ almond butter & 1/2 chopped banana

Lunch: Burger sans bun with Laughing Cow cheese & grapes

Snacks:  Plantains, hummus and a few choc. covered sunflower seeds

Dinner: Grilled Chicken, Jasmine Rice & oven roasted edamame w/ olive oil, garlic & parmesan cheese

It's GO week- 5 days to the beach!!!
Have a good night!  

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