Thursday, September 5, 2013

Slacker, Party of One!

Wow- I am a slacker :/

Let me just say LIFE has gotten the best of me this past few days and I have kept no consistent record of my food log. I have not really fallen off the path with the exception of a few bites of fries and a few spoons of milkshake twice this week.  I'll blame those on Brett for, #1 ordering them & #2 sitting by me.....I just can't resist it. I mean, how could anyone resist a few bites of salt & vinegar fries and a red velvet/pecan milkshake!

But it certainly is not worth it.....
Every time I have a bite of something "bad" now, I immediately regret it and my stomach feels horrible.  I can tell you that limiting the grains and sugar in my diet has made a HUGE difference. I have really focused on protein at every meal.  I feel slimmer and can definitely see some results happening with all of the weight training.

And thank goodness for the Map My Run App so that I could keep track of workouts!

Friday 8/30-
4 mile time was horrible (44 mins) but I am going to blame it on the time and day and extreme humidity!

Saturday 8/31- 
Body Sculpting Class (1 hour)

Sunday 9/1-
 Rest Day

Monday 9/2- 
2 (BORING) miles on the treadmill- Now that I am an outside runner, I just can't bear to run inside anymore! But when it's raining, you have to bear with the "dreadmill!"
Squats: 4 x 15 (120 lbs)
Lat Pull Downs 4 x 15 (60 lbs)
Chest Press: 3 x 15 (75 lbs) with Brett as my spotter:)
100 Russian Twists w/ 20 lb weight
100 Bicycles

Tuesday 9/3-
20 Minute Stairmaster
Leg Press:  4 x 15 (210 lbs)
Leg Prone Ext. 3 x 15 (70 lbs)
Bicep Curls: 3 x 15 (45 lbs)
60 Russian Twists w/ 20 lb weight
60 Side Standing Crunches on each side w/ 20 lb weight
60 Bicycles
60 Ab Pikes with 10 lb medicine ball

Wednesday 9/4- 
4 Mile Run....not my best time but just under 40 minutes:)

Thursday 9/5-
I plan on doing a 4 mile run this evening:)

So as of tomorrow, I will start back on track with daily postings- I PROMISE:)


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