Monday, September 16, 2013

Go Week!

Monday 9/9

25 flights of Stairs
Core Pilates Class (1 Hour)

Food Intake

Breakfast:  Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder & Steel cut Oatmeal w/ almond butter and banana

Post Workout:  Lararbar

Lunch:  Grilled Chicken w/ Hummus & roasted edamame

Snacks:  Choc. Sunflower Seeds

Dinner:  Italian Sausage w/ wholewheat pasta, olive oil & basil.  I also made Brussel Sprouts Au Gratin which were really delish! 
And I just had to showcase my cute kitchen sign courtesy of

I also did some food prep for the rest of the week! It makes it much easier to grab and eat on the go when it is all washed, cut and ready to go. Yum Yum in my Tum:)

Tuesday 9/10

3 mile run with the hubby:) Just under 27 minutes!

Food Intake

Breakfast:  Coffee w/ Vanilla Protein Powder

Post Workout:  Eggs over easy w/ ezekial bread & oven roasted edamame

Snacks: Larabar & Celery w/ Almond Butter

Lunch/Dinner:  Burger patty sans bun with spicy mustard & grapes

Post Dinner:  We had small group tonight and it was our turn to make snacks.dessert.  I chose to be a bit healthy and made a layered dip with black beans, fresh tomatoes, avocado, light sour cream & cheese. I brought chips but also brought brown rice triscuits for myself.  I also did graham crackers with a light cream cheese dip with caramel & toffee (not so healthy) but did offer apples for dipping as well.  I did partake in this but did not over do it!  

Wednesday 9/11

2 mile run
3x15 squats w/ 40 lbs
3x15 bicep curls w/ 20 lbs each arm
3x15 side crunch w/ 20 lbs each side
3 x10 plank rows w/ 10 lbs each side
100 push ups
100 bicycles

Food Intake

Breakfast:  Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte' & Larabar

Lunch:  Thai Chicken Salad- super yummy recipe!  I have been having some issues with peanuts so I substituted almond butter and it was still just as delicious!

Snacks- Cheese stick, Brown Rice Triscuits & Graham Crackers- I waited to long to eat lunch today and got a big case of the carb munchies!  I have to confess that I also had a few starburst & twizzlers today.....candy is my weakness:(

Dinner: 1/2 of Braxton's Hamburger (plain), celery w/ almond butter and I rewarded myself after my workout with a chocolate covered frozen banana.

.......and sad to say that is about how far I got with my week being so busy wrapping up work stuff and preparing for the beach week.  I didn't do anything catastrophic to my diet on Thursday & Friday so feeling good!  I do have to say that eating cleaner has definitely made me feel better.  I am down another 5 lbs and feeling slimmer!  Ready for the beach!


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