Monday, September 30, 2013

My Happy Place

I am a beach bum at heart.....always have and always will be!  

And I have my mama to thank for that:) 

We actually lived in Destin, FL for a few years when I was younger and I have the 
best memories of being a beach kid!

For the past few years we have made the trip down to the great beaches of 30A.

For those of you whom have not traveled here, need to plan a trip.  It is fantastic.  Each and every town has it's own great perks and the great thing is that they are all so close that you can venture out every day.  

Our favorite place to stay is Seacrest Beach!

And the main reason is the pool.......
 How can you not want to lounge by this everyday? 

The past week we went for the 4th year in a row (and 4th trip this year).
We are starting to feel like regulars to the area and have our routine of what we do
and where we go but each year we always like to try new things.

 Here are some of our favorites memories so far.

Seeing their expressions about the beach for the first time.
Braxton 2010 & Wyatt 2011

Capturing the moment in 2011 that Brax (17 months) walked with assistance for the first time on camera at the beach!
For those of you whom know his story- this was a BIG moment as he had only crawled at this point.
(and that would be Wyatt in my belly, not a donut)

 Bike Rides w/ Lauren
Alys Beach

Morning runs through beautiful towns....setting the peaceful tone for my days:)

Great kids playground at Alys Beach!

Many stops to good ol' Charlie's Donut Truck!

Digging the biggest hole we can!

Using the wagon for much needed naps
Sugar white sand

Crystal clear water

Feeding the seagulls

Canoeing with my honey
Making the drive to Destin to Fudpuckers to see the gators!

Renting bikes for the week at Peddlers 30a
Many visits to Frost Bites in Seaside

Hanging out in Rosemary Beach!

Evening Trips to the Pier in Panama City to watch the fisherman.

Watching these kiddos grow up together!

All of the places that we have rented have had full kitchens so that is nice on the wallet when travelling as a family but we do like to get out and about.  We have been to tons of restaurants there and have enjoyed them all- La Cocina, Bud and Alleys, Pizza Bar, Taco Bar, Barefoot BBQ, Crush, Shades, La Crema...... I don't think you can go wrong!

Our favorite "sweet tooth" places are Orange Leaf, Frost Bites, Heavenly, The Sweet Peddlers & The Sugar Shak!

And for all you shopping folks, there is not a store I have entered that I didn't like!  Destin has a great Outlet mall if you are up for the 30 min. drive.  Some of my favorite local shops are Perspicasity, Deja-vu, Mercantile &  Rosemary Beach Trading Co.

My cute pillow purchase from Rosemary Beach Trading Co.
(very fitting for my life right now)

This past week we also took the chance to get some family shots on the beach 
by a great couple, JB & Amber!  If you are in the area, check them out!  
(They are also live part of the year in Atlanta for all my local peeps)

Munkel Family

My handsome Braxton

My sweet Wyatt

Caleb, Kevin (super dad) & Maddie

Our lil family of 4

A sweet treat for cooperation:)

One of my favs!

Ahhhh- love the beach!

So head down to 30A, pick your town, get your toes in the sand and relax:)


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