Monday, September 23, 2013


One year ago today, I dug deep for courage and told my story......

One year ago today, I was baptized.

It was such an amazing experience and I was surrounded by my family and friends!

And as this anniversary approached, I was reminded how great God is!  

You see, Braxton had all of his annual checkups the past few weeks and we heard nothing but great news! 

"He is doing fantastic!"
"His kidneys look great!"
"He is walking so well!"
"His x-rays look perfect"
"Just keep doing what you are doing because it is working"
"We don't need to see you next year"
"He can jump?"
"You know he is not supposed to be doing all of this?"

and my favorite.....

"How far can he walk before he needs assistance?"
with me responding a bit confused but with a smile, 
"Ummmmm FOREVER!" 

I also have to brag at what a champ he was this year!  It is so much nicer to have him a bit older and be able to prepare him for these visits and explain what each test/exam will be about.  We also looked up some you tube videos on the different tests that he was having to fully prepare him.  He was so cooperative and brave! 

Ultrasound,  DONE!

Waiting patiently.......thank you Ipad:)
Practicing "freeze" for his x-rays

This is his new camera face!

Upset with me for not allowing him to push all of the buttons:(


Lookin' Good!

It is quite a humbling experience to be at Spine Clinic and look around the waiting room.  I can't help but tear up when I see other children in wheel chairs, not able to walk or run.  It's hard not to feel guilty at times for the miracle that He has given us and forces the well needed reality check for how lucky we are.  

Sure there are times where I still ask, 
"Why did this happen to Braxton?" 

And then on the flip side there is another "why" question I ask, 
"Why did God choose him to perform this miracle on?"  (I am forever in awe of this one)

This is where trust enters the equation and where I have learned over the past few years to trust in God's plan.  We are all created special and each and everyone of us has a plan and it is a good plan.....
You just have to trust!

And don't forget that He has a sense of humor......because He does, in fact, have one!

The other day Brax and I were in a store and he had his eyes set on a pair of Spiderman flip flops. Most of you may not know that he wears AFO's (ankle foot orthotics) that prevent him from wearing most shoes. He was begging for the flip flops so that he could be just like me, daddy & Wyatt!  How could I say no?  So, he tried them on and to my surprise was able to walk for a bit without tripping.  With great excitement, he asked me if he could wear them out of the store and I, of course, said yes.

As we were making our way to the checkout, an employee looks at him and very frankly said "Why is he walking like that?"  I was a bit taken back at first that she actually had said that out loud and in front of him....I mean come on, he's only 4 and he's right here!!!!!  He just looked at her, looked at me without a care and then made a bee line for the little Lego kits at the checkout.  I counted in my head for a bit and then very politely said, "He was born with Spina Bifida and wasn't even supposed to walk. So if he walks a bit different, we'll take it!"  The look on her face was pure embarrassment and I felt bad for her knowing what she was feeling. So as she apologized, I said, "That's ok, you are looking at a miracle!"
And with that, she smiled.

Last month on Brax's first day of school I wrote a post about my concerns with him being unique and my fear of people accepting him at school.  Funny thing is that the one thing I was worried about (people teasing him at school) ended up happening right in front of my face!

It was like God saying, "See, he'll be fine.....just trust Me!"

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